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An Efficient and Passionate Team Dedicated to Your Wellness

Lifeezi is the brainchild of a team of qualified and passionate wellness enthusiasts with the strong belief that every health issue has a solution, and the transformation to a “Healthy You'' starts from the mind and needs a sustained and simple process that is backed by conviction.

The organization is the result of the ardent desire to offer simple, long-lasting, and easy to follow health regimes for every health issue that would make the transformation process a much-enjoyed one.

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Our Carefully Curated Health Solutions and Services

Lifeezi believes that health issues that are considered common and often neglected are the basic reason for major health setbacks in the future. So, we help you identify and address every health concern of yours and devise a very specific and unique health solution for you to attain better health and lead an illness-free happy life.


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Every client at Lifeezi enjoys the focused attention of a dedicated wellness coach who embarks on the transformation journey with them. Every doubt, clarification, or issue, however small or big, gets the immediate attention it deserves to ensure maximum adherence to the wellness plan for best results.

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An easy-to-follow diet plan curated in consideration with the lifestyle and diet preferences of the client is a unique feature of Lifeezi, and this makes the wellness plan a success in the first place. Clients are more likely to accept sustainable processes that require little change to their daily routines.


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Dr Uma Maheshwari (38 years) Puliyangudi,(Tenkasi district)

Amazing fitness trainers.They are very friendly and supporting me during the workout. They are outcome focused and I have been able to see continual improvement from my sessions. I definitely recommend to anyone looking for great quality personal training.

Mrs.Preethi (29 years) Chennai

My diet was based on my health and exercises were based on my flexibility.Everything was easy to follow.Follow up team ensured that I did everything,everyday and they made sure that I was completely motivated till the end of my journey.I lost around 40+kilos.

Mr.Vijay (45 years) & Mrs.Dayana (39 years) United Kingdom

I am amazed at the progress I have made! I'm hitting goals I never thought were even possible for myself! The team is highly professional, positive, friendly and understanding. I had wonderful thoughtful virtual workouts. Provided great feedback for each exercise, letting me know if my form needed to be adjusted for maximum benefit. Good workout!! I feel very strong. Meal plans are very easy to follow and didn't have to starve,infact started enjoying authentic Indian food still losing weight.

Mrs.Vasanthi (53 years) Chennai

I was on a quest to find the right trainer for my weight loss regime and I have finally found the right one. They are very professional and thorough. Each case is analysed individually and a weight loss programme is suggested. The diet prescribed is very nutritious. No unnecessary and harmful starving. Exercise regime is too friendly.  Each and every aspect of the programme is being thoroughly monitored. They are very strict with their follow up and further suggestions. In short, they are the right people to go to if you are serious about healthy weight loss and body transformation.

Mr.Karthick (36 years) New Delhi

At 36,I was slightly overweight, had borderline cholesterol and was close to being diabetic as well. It was gradually going downhill. In just a couple of months, LIFEEZI was able to reverse the trend. Healthy lifestyle requires changes to activities, food , sleep,water. Having expert guidance is a must to achieve these changes in one go. And this company is the best partner in such an endeavour.Every meal and every activity is tracked in real time and this invisible presence makes all the difference on days where motivation is lacking.

Mrs.Shanthi (33 years) Chennai

Extremely good ,supportive,perfect and friendly trainers to transform one to a healthy lifestyle.If one follows their diet and exercises without any deviation,results will be extremely good.The follow up is also extremely good and their support towards monitoring my day to day activities through their guidance and motivation is excellent.I have lost 13+ kilos so far and feeling highly motivated to get this kind of support.One stop point for a perfect weight loss transformation.

Mrs karthiga Nagerkoil

I had a fabulous journey with Lifeezi team for the past two months.They are very professional and changes the client's lifestyle in an unique way of excellence. I was fighting against hypothyroidism, Rheumatic arthritis and poor metabolism for more than a decade which ruined and pulled me down in all aspects of my life.None of the medicines gave hope for my future.Luckily a miracle has happened through one of my relative who introduced me and created an awareness about this fitness program, which organizes a well balanced diet and fitness challenges in a very systematic manner, the one which i was in a quest for years.Thanks a lot to my trainer coach Ms.Gayathri.She is very much professional yet kind with more patience and understanding.Her encouragement gave me more confidence that i needed to start the program.she listens in such a way to handle situations and so creative to respond suitably on the spot. She is an encouraging personality with good communication skills on ease.After a short month with her continued follow ups and training I was much pleased with my progress and felt assured with wonderful results in my medical history. Thank you once more to the whole Team of Lifeezi to enhance my life easy

N.Hemalatha (57 years)

My Name is N.Hemalatha and I am 57 years old. I heard about Lifeezi through my husband's colleague, so I approached them to help me with my health issues. I consulted Mrs. Gayatri & her team because I had a Thyroid issue & wanted to reduce a little weight. After I spoke to Mrs Gayatri and her team, she immediately put me under observation period and took information about my food habits to better understand my current lifestyle. I was told to take a few tests prior to starting the diet plan. Based on the results, a healthy diet plan was tailor made for me. Apart from providing the plan, the Lifeezi team was monitoring the food I was eating and my walking stats through the pictures I shared. I was also able to talk to them personally when necessary.I really appreciate Mrs. Gayatri & her team in helping me with this journey. I was able to see a drastic change in my thyroid levels and weight. When I started, my TSH was 15. It came down to 4.05 within a month! I was also able to lose approx 3.5kgs within a month in a healthy way. After 2 months, I lost another 3kgs and my TSH level came down to 1.13. This was due to having a diet catered to reduce my Thyroid. By the 3rd month, they put me on a maintenance program. In total I was able to lose approx 7 kgs in 2 month. With the maintenance plan, I was able to maintain the weight and did not gain back anything extra. I am able to maintain it by making a very conscious effort to retain my current weight. Now I feel more energetic, healthy and see a change in my appearance. I am also getting a lot of compliments from people who are able to see a change.I sincerely thank Mrs. Gayatri & her team for being so dedicated and assisting me in this journey. After seeing my results, my daughter also joined this program. Thank you Lifeezi.

Mrs.Sreevidya Trivandrum

I happen to hear about Mrs Gayathri from my friend vasanthy.I had thought of weight loss as I was having knee pain,Arthritis etc.With Gayathri Mams guidance regarding food and exercise,I have reduced nearly 7 kgs.She is professional,Dedicated and sincere.Also we came to know. The value and nutrition of food.We are eating each meal time,wishing your team many more laurels in the future.Thank-you very much for your timely help.

Mr.Satish Ram Trivandrum

Excellent program.Close follow up by the trainer is the main attraction of this program. A very practical approach with easy to implement guidelines and frequent interaction. I would strongly recommend for lifestyle diseases.

Mr.Venkatachalam (72 years) Chennai

An amazing individual trainer who helps each person with curated fitness programs. Really grateful to be a part of her initiative.I am a diabetic person for many years and found it very difficult to control with high fasting ,post prandial and HBA1C reading . After joing the programme with the constant monitoring of my intake of food, sleep pattern ,consumption of water and my physical activities by Mrs.Gayathri my fasting,PP and HBA1C level came to normal. My body condition is now excellent and I feel very energetic and active . My recent blood report exhibits that all my health parameters are within the desirable level. I profusely thank her for the sustained and concerted efforts taken to improve my health conditions.

Mr.Josep (65 years) & Mrs Tamilselvi (60 years) Trichy

My daughter introduced us to Lifeezi fitness after we suffered with unbearable knee pain and excess weight gain. In less than 3 months we transformed with more than 10 kg weight loss each, while still enjoying having authentic Indian food. Gayathri is a very dedicated trainer who keeps track on our daily intake closely and making sure we get the right nutrition and still loose weight consistently. She is very friendly to talk to and discuss any of our needs. Me and my wife in our 60's are now living a very happy, healthy life. No more knee pain and we have stopped all treatments. We will highly recommend Lifeezi fitness to anyone who would like to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Mrs Janaki Krishnan California,USA

I have tried losing weight countless times on my own unsuccessfully. When I heard about Gayathri ma'am through my mother, I wanted to try it. I was very sceptical as I reached out. I did my blood work and found out my LDL and HBA1C levels were elevated. I was very hesitant during the observation period and didn't have confidence I will see results. Once I started the program, I was blown away by the patience, the methodical approach and discipline she displayed. The timely follow-ups and gentle reminders helped me stay on track. I had to deviate from my diet for a couple days due to family functions. She didn't make me feel bad for it. Instead she worked with me and helped me get back on track as quickly as possible. She changed my mindset completely and made me have faith in the process and enjoy it. I couldn't have achieved any of the results without this mindset shift she instilled in me. This is truly a lifestyle change and understanding the process and why it works has been key for me. The maintenance diet has so many options and with this mindset shift, I have found confidence to maintain my weight. I lost closer to 11.5 kilos in 60 days. My LDL and HBA1C have returned to normal levels now. All credit goes to Gayathri ma'am and her carefully crafted program. Thank you!.

Miss Namratha Hyderabad

I joined this program 2 months after my mother joined. I saw excellent results in her and wanted to try it out myself.I had a consultation with Gayathri ma’am and listed my concerns. My main concern was to reduce my thyroid level and sinus issues in addition to weight loss. Gayathri ma’am curated a personalised plan for me which I followed for 3 months. I was able to bring my thyroid within the normal level and was able to reduce my sinus issues purely through diet. In addition I also lost close to 9kgs through diet and walking. With the maintenance plan I am able to keep everything under control. Thanks a lot Gayathri ma’am and Mangai ma’am. You were very meticulous in following up which made me keep in check and follow the plan successfully. This program is very effective and after seeing my results I was able to influence my sister to join as well. I highly recommend this program.

Mr Ramesh.B Chennai

I went to them with high blood sugar and an HBA1C of 12.2. Cholesterol levels were very high. Four months later my HBA1C is 7.5.Good healthy and regulated diet. Meticulous follow up. Is very particular about walking and exercising and eating on time. Demand daily updates at the appointed time. Don’t Take no for an answer.Go to them if you can follow their regimen. Very strict task masters. But you will be thankful for their persistence and sincerity in their follow up.

Miss Aparna Murali Chennai

I have always been at fluctuating weights since the beginning. But after these 90 days I have gained confidence that I will be able to takecare of my lifestyle and health much better than I expected. My concerns were PCOD and gaining overall change in lifestyle. Thanks to Mangai mam and Gayathri mam for always being there whenever needed. I didnt think I will be able to do this for a period of 90 days and reducing 15 kgs was a massive task as well. This lifestyle change has benefitted me so well and it lifted up my confidence level on the whole. Thank you so much! 

Mrs Sowmiya Ganesan Chennai

Its been 2 months since i have started my weight loss journey. I have lost close to 9.5 Kg in this duration. My knee pain has reduced and I am able to walk more now. I have previously tried other diets and weight loss methods but none have worked for me. Thanks to gayatri mam and mangai mam for all the motivation and the support . The diet provided is also balanced and filling.Thank you so much.

Dr.Renuka Chennai

As women hitting middle age with work and home to manage ,we tend to typically lose focus on ourselves.No different for me.on a personal front ,I witnessed sudden weight gain in the past five years , more than 5 kg in last one year itself,due to various reasons-some medical,some from stress , some due to lifestyle.Being an active person.Wanting to feel young and fit was my goal .Having tried various apps,classes,diets, online methods , I then came across LIFEEZI.Believe me , the last few months , have brought about such a change in mindset and in the process shed few kilos too. Simple,easy to follow ,at the same time effective methods, a diet plan built around our needs and with meticulous follow up and guidance from Ms Gayathri , I can definitely say this is the best investment I have done for myself .

Dr.Vidyalakshmi Tirunelveli

Ms Gayathri is a very dedicated and genuine person. She is personable and firm in her beliefs. 1. They gather details regarding food, sleep habits and activity levels of every client and tailor the diet and exercise for their physical dn nutritional demands. 2. This individualized diet and exercise plan is not a one time thing- they follow up diligently and suggest corrections as well as changes as and when required. 3. Their support and help is 24/7. Every query is answered in detail within minutes of posting. 4. They have a clear idea of their goals in each person. This is conveyed clearly at the start of the journey. Am sure they will go places if they continue in the same vein.-

Mrs.Mangaiyarkarasi Chennai

I had pre-diabetic symptoms and digestion issues. Over the last 2 months under their guidance and meticulous follow-up , i have gone through a transformational change in my life , be it reaching the BMI targets or getting my digestive routine and sleep cycles under control.Thanks so much for your very valuable training. I really enjoyed it, and appreciated that you made it fun! I feel much better prepared to deal with uncomfortable issues.Thank you for your wisdom, experience and your valuable time, the fact that someone is closely monitoring your vitals and providing constant feedback has been a key driver in me stepping out of this diabetes spiral.

Mrs.Kalaiselvi Chennai

Thanks to Lifeezi team for bringing a healthy transformation. When I started the journey with them I struggled to walk for 15mins. Now I comfortable walk 5kms a day. Kudos to their genuineness and the personal attention the team provides. Wishing them a very successful way ahead to make a life changing impact to many more people.

Mrs Lakshmipriya Ramesh Chennai

It has been a wonderful journey of learning and progress towards better health. Was looking for the right place to start my journey of weight loss in a healthy way. Couldn't have asked for a better platform, for here at "LIFEEZI" it is not just weight loss it is about healthy living. The meticulous diet planning, the follow-ups, and the motivation have been phenomenal and really helped me shed a few kilos, gain confidence, and have brought new enthusiasm and zeal. Really appreciate the hard work and focused effort that is put into even the smallest of details and this motivates me to contribute my part towards this transformation process. Our coach Ms.Gayathri not just focused on the physical transformation but helps us remove the mental blocks and clarifies all our doubts with complete understanding of our situation and deep knowledge of the field. For anybody looking for the right way to transform and shed a few kilos in a healthy and positive manner, this is the place to be. Have learnt so much and wish to continue this healthy lifestyle for the lifetime.

Mr.Ravikumar Singapore

Im Ravi Kumar from Singapore, joined lifeezi fitness training program 4 months ago. The training was truly effective because of having personal attention over me on an hourly basis for every single day. The team has got enormous knowledge and in-depth insights into practices are commendable. Beyond weight loss goal, their principle for showing empathy towards the trainee's wellness and providing remedies to their health issues through natural diet is unmatched. To be honest, within 2.5 months my Thyroid and Cholesterol came back to normal from the high-risk zone after started going through the right food habits and exercises under their guidance and supervision. Furthermore, they guided me to get shielded from any diseases by teaching the best practices that can be imbibed into my lifestyle seamlessly. I built a strong sense of confidence and never give up attitude upon seeing result driven outcome of this fitness program. Thank you very much to Mr. Subramaniam and a special mention about my wellness coach Ms. Gayathri who has taken a complete responsibility of keeping up the momentum and consistent followup to reach the target of reducing from 96 Kgs (Jul'22) to 70 Kgs (Oct'22) through a healthy lifestyle and I never forget the learnings they inculcated in me. There is a famous saying "Life is a journey, no one can make you happy until you are happy with yourself first" - that's exactly what this program taught me. Thank you for all the support

Mrs.Swathika Chennai

This is my personal experience with lifeezi team. I have gained weight after my second pregnancy most of my family member and friends commented like I am still looking like a pregnant women which obviously hurts a lot. Yes we all know it's very tough phase in most of the women's life to lose the pregnancy Weight while breastfeeding. When my baby was 8 month old luckily contacted the lifeezi team and shared by issue's. Since i was in BF phase was in confused state that the diet plan can affect the BF phase. But the team have shared a diet chart which supports BF and also I have lost weight.Before starting their diet plan I had diabetes,vitamin d deficiency and also my hemoglobin level is low. After 2 months my diabetes under control also my hemoglobin level comes to normal and vitamin D level increased (not cured completely but level got increased) and the bigger thing i lost nearly 8 KGs. Lifeezi team is very professional and their follow up is too good. Team can take care of evrything like meal plan, workout, water intake etc, Only thing needed from our end is dedication and hard work. A very special thanks to my trainer Gayathri mam thanks for your timely follow-up. Highly recommended....

Mrs Ananthi Chennai

Dear Gayathri Joining LIFEEZI was a life changing experience for me. The diet plan was closely aligned to South Indian daily food routine and hence was easy to adapt. The diet plan was very filling and as I saw my weight reducing gradually, it motivated me to embrace the diet. The nudging and reminders from Mangai and Gayathri really helped. I lost 10 kgs in 4 months but in a healthy way. My health checkup recently showed that all vitals were normal and I could finally achieve the desirable BMI for my height. Many friends and relatives got inspired with my transformation and have taken the contact details of Lifeezi. The diet plan combined with daily walking routine made wonders not only to achieve physical fitness but also helped my mental wellness as I was focussed towards achieving a purpose very critical for me. My sincere thanks to LIFEEZI, Gayathri and Mangai for your guidance and support.

Mr Santhosh USA

I reached out to the LIFEEZI team when my blood pressure exceeded 145/98. My primary physician gave me a 5-week ultimatum to show a downward trend, or medication would be prescribed. I was ready to change my lifestyle, but lacked clarity on where to begin. LIFEEZI team provided simple guidance on food, sleep, physical activity, and water consumption. Following their advice, I restored my BP to normal in 50 days and reduced about 10kg. During the process LIFEEZI team also helped me to understand the balanced diet, I now have a keen awareness of the right proportions of carbs and proteins needed to maintain my Blood Pressure and weight. Thanks to their guidance and consistent follow-up to keep you on track, an essential element for success. For those aiming to lose weight or lower blood pressure, I highly recommend giving it a try.

Mrs Anuradha (50 years) Nigeria

I am very happy that I did this diet course. I lost almost 5 kgs in 2 months. And I didn't walk regularly. I appreciate Gayatri madam's sincere and regular messages and monitoring gives me inspiration to do this diet and now I am feeling good and energetic with this diet. Before dieting I always used to feel low in energy. And my IBS is also under control because of this diet. My sleep pattern also gets better. All thanks to Gayatri madam.

Mrs Veena Sudhakar (45 years) Director - Stellar Gifts Pvt Ltd,Chennai

I joined the Lifezee program 4 months back. Basically I was a foodie and had lots of health complications like, diabetic, cholesterol etc... First one week was observation day,I literally enjoyed that period because I was asked to eat whatever I wanted and the only request was to post the photo...I was like wow this program is so easy....then came the checkpoint. After a week of observations, I was given a food chart of what I should was like an OMG feeling. First 10 to 15 days were a big struggle for me. I was angry, frustrated, I was like oh God WHY ME???? But trust me guys, Gayathri and Mangai are two angels sent by God to me at the right time. Daily I used to whine, torcher them, but in spite of all my dramas they both handled me patiently and motivated me. That kind of support is not necessary. But this shows their commitment and dedication they show it to their client. Then slowly I started understanding that day by day my system is getting healthy and healthier. LAST 10 TO 15 YRS MY HBA1c was 10.5 to 11.5 and after this diet program it is 7 to 7.5. I BOW MY HEAD TO THESE TWO ANGELS WHO GAVE ME HEALTHY LIFE AND THIS DIET HAS TAUGHT ME DISCIPLINE OVER MY LIFESTYLE. DOCTOR was like you don't need any more medicine and he said if I maintain this then I will be diabetic was a great shock in my life. Trust me people, this diet pattern gives us 1000% clarity on what our body needs and you will never feel hungry bcos we always keep eating healthy food on regular intervals. Not only that with the diet pattern and detoxing pattern of lifezee,my skin tone has also improved a lot and my friends and family started witnessing a glow in my face which has come naturally after this diet. People started telling me I look young for my age. All this compliment has raised my confidence level. Kudos to lifezee. After 4 months I have reduced 10kg, diabetic free and feeling so healthy and energetic. Started playing my sports like cricket, badminton and throwball. Due to my hectic traveling schedule with half hearted I am withdrawing from this program, but throughout my life I promise Gayathri mam and Mangai mam that the discipline that they have taught me, I will follow it life long and will stay healthy always. Not only me but my entire family has become health conscious. I will 200% recommend lifezee, bcos I have joined lots of diet program but consistent result I have got only from LIFEZEE..Thank you Gayathri mam and Mangai mam (a soft spoken angel) for all the support.

Mr Faizal (40 yrs) Coimbatore

Hello, I'd like to share my journey with Lifeezi health and fitness. Initially, I was unsure about joining but today I can certainly say the journey has been a great one. Not just weight & inch loss, but my overall health improved significantly. I used to sleep with a sleep app, but with the lifestyle change, I have a better sleep routine without any device support. The consistent follow ups and push was the best support.

Mrs Anusha (45 yrs) Coimbatore

I am so glad that I bumped into lifeezy.. I had tried so many diets, intermittent fasting and everything possible..but never succeeded in my attempt to lose weight...Gayatri and mangai are a true blessing in my life.. they proved that dieting is not about fasting but eating right and timing... Their diet was simple with the items that we find in the kitchen.. What I liked the most was their consistency...Whenever we MANAGEMENT feel low or feel like eating fancy food, they always motivate us and bring us back in track..Would like to extend my gratitude to them for making me aware of my eating habits...Thank you so much.

Mrs Kalaiselvi (40 years) Krishnagiri

Very happy to share my happy journey with lifeezi, which made all my possibilities possible. I had migraines, back pain, sleeplessness before but now I have totally recovered from all this with lifeezi. Lifeezi gave me the belief that even I could walk 4 km in just 40 mins where personally this is all in one solution for me. To be fit and healthy is what all we dream of and am living my dream life by losing 11.7 kg of weight in just 5 months. Thanks won't suffice for all the guidance your team gave me.... Hearty wishes for your team and am happy to be a part of this .Thank you.

Kiruthika (34 years) Chicago, USA

Hi I am Kiruthika from Chicago, USA,34 years old. I started this diet because of my diabetic issue. I have undergone many diet loss plans in the past. The best thing about this diet plan is you learn to eat the right thing - the right quantity at the right time. I lost 6kg in one month with huge changes in my size chart. The main reason to achieve this, is constant monitoring and support from Mrs. Gayathri. Because of my work load, I have to take a break from my diet plan. Definitely planning to go back and achieve my target in 2024. I would recommend Mrs. Gayathri to anyone who is ready to make changes in lifestyle. Again following this diet plan is really tough but Mrs. Gayathri motivation would help in soothing the rough journey.

Mr Balasubramanian (45 years) Abu Dhabi

Very happy to share my 12 Kgs weight loss journey in just 2 months. Its dream come true moment. When regular walking and a normal diet was not helping much, I started my journey with Lifeezi.Its true that initially i had few hiccups in adapting, but i understood their method and slowly got adapted. The start is after a lot of reviews and carefulness. After just very few days, I could see the magic result which made me very much into it, I became more responsible and committed. Being a forced bachelor and staying in Abu Dhabi, it was difficult to manage things. Need to arrange food, weigh it, box it up, take photos and follow meticulously at right time was challenging. Still managed to do and complete it. Thanks to Gayathri madam for guiding each and every step with continuous follow up.Now am happy, confident and thankful to the entire team. All the best and keep going.

Mrs Ramya (40 years) Singapore

I have been trying to lose weight for quite some time and also had issues with irregular periods. I came to know about LIFEEZI FITNESS through my mother and hence started my journey with Gayathri mam, Mangai mam and team. Initially I was very skeptical about the process and diet. There were few hiccups along the way as it involved in-depth analysis of what one consumes including the amount of spices,oil,type of vegetables etc. Once you get accustomed to it and settle in,the process becomes smooth. I will always appreciate the persistent verification of my daily diet by the trainers which ensured that I had the chartered meals at the required intervals. Their commitment towards their trainees is commendable. The process is very thorough and a little stringent with respect to food choices, exercises, and timings, nevertheless it's well worth the effort. Of course a few cheat meals were allowed. You also learn how to prioritize oneself with respect to healthier food choices, meal planning, balancing your diet even after a deviation,organizing your groceries etc. Maybe learn a little discipline too. They teach you how to eat right with what you usually cook at home. In the long run, this is what will help all of us the most. Making conscious and healthier choices with whatever is available at home.Thanks to Gayathri mam, Mangai mam and team, I have lost about 16 kgs. My menstrual cycles are normal now(My diet also incorporates foods that help with regulating my monthly cycles.) Once again thank you very much Gayathri mam, Mangai mam and team.

Mrs Narayani (60 years) Thrissur

A great remarkable journey from my 86.1 kgs to 70.2. Though at 60 with this program I achieved this result in a span of 6 months. It was my dream come true moment ..Never in my wildest dream thought I'd reduce my weight by eating 5 times a day. No fasting, No protein drinks, No workouts in gym.Highlight of this program is my cholesterol levels dropped down from 276 to 196 without any medicines. My HbaiC dropped from 7.8 to 6.9.Seeing my transformation my Dr was very happy and cut down my metformin to 500mg from 1000 mg. A BIG THANK YOU From bottom of my heart to you who made dancing without fear at 60. God bless you with all happiness and health, so that you change lives of thousands like me

Mr Saikat Dhar Nigeria

It's an amazing journey of fitness that I have never experienced before. Joined here with a weight of approx 80 kg and now I am 72 kg within 4 months. I am a diabetic but controlling food and daily exercise brings the best medical report that I ever had before. Thanks to lifeezi team and special thanks for Gayathri madam for her sincere efforts. Really I am grateful and strongly recommend others who have not joined yet.

Sathya Chicago, USA

Hello This is Sathya from Chicago, USA. This is my first diet in my life! I always start some diet and stopped the diet with health issues. I ended up allergic to many food items what I like most. So I decided to do something good for my body and mind. Finally I also started my journey here with lifeEzi. This 60 days was a big success if I think about where I started with my health issues. I had a severe stomach ulcer problem so it's very challenging to follow any diet. I end up with some stomach issues. But this diet never made me feel like that. I had acid reflex issue also before. All these problems were cleared and addressed with a proper diet plan and I am not feeling any health issues now. I am not taking any medication for my stomach issue. This would not be possible without Mrs. Gayathri's continuous support and care! I would really appreciate her patience and care throughout my journey! Her timely message makes me follow on time. I feel so confident now that I can live a healthy life with a balanced diet. Your dedication in your job is greatly appreciable Gayathri. Your message always boosts me when I go down physically and mentally! This is really a great accomplishment in my lifestyle! Now my way of thinking has changed, like saying no to my brain when I see unhealthy food !I got to know my portion and limit of intake ! You played a very important role in my weight loss journey. Thanks for everything you do! Keep going with the same positive spirit! I got very positive feedback about my weight loss now from my friends! I am happy to see the improvement in my health and weight loss day by day. Yes it's a painful and tough journey but trust me it's definitely worth it! No pain no gain! Looking forward to achieving my goal and living a healthy lifestyle! Come on Let's do it

Mrs Sona Chennai

Thanks a lot Gayatri and Mangai for supporting me in the journey of my weight loss..started the program from July end and by September end I was able to shed 7kg and it is only because of your constant monitoring and support...the diet was easy to follow and suited my south Indian palette. One major change I could see is the change in my sleep pattern which was highly erratic...I was having skin allergies, which is the main reason for me to undergo the weight loss program..though not fully cured, frequency got reduced significantly.. Hopefully will be able to continue the lifestyle and maintain my weight moving forward too.

Mrs Nethra Bangalore

My journey with lifeezi has been amazing. The team is wonderful. They will ensure personalized care and they are extremely patient right from the get go.I have been diagnosed with PCOS and I have been struggling with my weight for over 5 years. I have tried so many different approaches to manage my weight but nothing has helped me like this. In just a matter of 45 days I've lost close to 8 kgs and I feel so confident and MANAGEMENT I have more energy overall. I'm looking forward for the future and my end goal doesn't look impossible to achieve anymore.Thank you so much for your continuous support and care!!

Mrs Sumathi Sivakumar Nigeria

I must say after three months of being a client of LIFEEZI, my lifestyle has changed completely for the better. I wanted to reduce my weight, improve my Hb level and also control my wheezing issue. I reduced 5.5 kg (now I'm at my ideal weight) and my Hb level also improved significantly. Now I feel totally in control of my diet. Before sugary foods like sweets and ice creams were my comforters. Now I'm on a regimen of watching my food intake with regular walking. Thanks for helping me to achieve my ideal weight with healthy food intake. A special thanks to Gayathri for her constant encouragement and tireless follow up.

Mrs Praveena Chennai.

Being overweight runs in my family, and I had no idea how not to be overweight. Because of Gayatri mam strict diet and how you taught me to discipline myself helped me gain the perfect weight I wanted. I reduced 15 Kg. I have thanked you, dietician, for being such an expert

Mr. Balasubramanium Chennai.

I would like to say thanks from my heart to Lifeezi team Gayathri mam and Mangai mam, the diet they suggested was very good, after consuming the suggested diet I really felt happy physically and mentally, my sugar (type 2 diabetic) count also started down gradually, and I really appreciate their follow up, care and attention towards their client's health... thanks a lot and all the best for their future endeavors.

Divya Chennai.

I am Divya from Chennai and I joined Lifeezi fitness program.while I started was in a mindset that it is yet another diet plan but within couple of weeks realized that it's not just a diet but a lifestyle change.i had tried various weight loss diets and fitness programs like gm diet paleo, herbalife etc earlier but was really happy with the results from lifeezi.i have lost 7 kgs in 3 months,kudos to mangai mam and Gayatri mam for the continuous support and follow ups. They do wonders to you and your body..the main advantage of the program is that u start understanding your body and the food given is simple native and easy to follow..there are no extra supplements or medicine given through out the program.i really hate walking but they changed me and made me walk happily for about 6 kms-8 kms per day..and the walking speed has also improved drastically. They are really awesome. If ur serious about weight loss just blindly cling to them and follow would reach your target.though I had discontinue the program due to my personal reasons I strongly recommend them .My migraine is completely gone,my digestion has improved and i don't crave for anything badly now a days. Gayatri mam and Mangai madam hats off to your commitment love and support. Miss your guidance and I will be back on track real soon..take care and good luck to you..continue your magic.

Mrs Anitha Adikrishnan Chennai.

Life is not very easy when you are overweight.. I found it difficult walking, doing normal work and leading to stress and depression... Frequent visits to the doctor were inevitable... But Lifezziee made it pretty easy for me... Though initially it was difficult....especially for a person like me who hates walking and doing any kind of physical activity... But with organized diet patterns(which should be followed religiously), regular follow up and encouragement from Ms Gayatri....I was able to shed around 10kgs in a span of 4 months... The diet plan is very healthy and completely in accordance with our body pattern..... Today...I am more confident, my BP tablets are reduced...from 3 tablets I have come to 1...thyroid medicine reduced...migraine has MANAGEMENT completely vanished Walking has become a part and parcel of my daily routine… Most importantly....I am very happy.. This is one thing...I guess...I did for myself... Thank you very much..

Dr Richee Tirunelveli

hankful for the lifeezi team for helping me lose 10 kgs in over 4 months. Their meticulous attention and care towards the diet plan aided a lot. In Spite of me being irregular, I was able to lose weight with their guidance and really grateful for the team and both Gayathri aunty and mangai aunty for pushing me through it all. Thankful to the team

Balaji (45 years) Lagos, Nigeria

This Balaji from Lagos, Nigeria. I am 45 years old. It's great journey for me with Lifeezi Health & Fitness for period of just 3 months. Even in these three months, I can say I followed the diet strictly for just 60 days only, and walking also done only 3.5 kms instead of 6 kms. In two months time I got reduced my weight from 70kgs to 63kgs. Now my weight is between 63-64 kgs always, based on a balanced diet advised by Lifeezi. I had high cholesterol & triglycerides for the last 10 years (the doctor said genetics) and High BP for the last 7 years, taking medicine for the last 7 years. Acidity is also big issue for me. Even after medicine my cholesterol level I have never seen below the border for 10 years. I underwent a test after 70 days of your program and I was really surprised by seeing the result showing extreme normal and my pre-diabetics also got reversed. Now medicine dosage also come down. As advised by you I will come out from medicine very soon. Especially my sleep level is very good now, hardly get-up once in between sleep. But before 6-7 times will get disturbed every night and I didn't really feel like I slept last night. Thanks to Gayathri madam. The way of follow-up every day every session is very excellent I have started my maintenance now. Thanks and appreciate madam for your guidance. Now I understand what food has carbs, fiber, fat, protein and the content and the way of quantity to consume.

Mr Raj Pravin Chennai

I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for the incredible journey I've had under your guidance over the past 6 months. It has been a transformative experience, during which I successfully shed nearly 20 kgs. Your unwavering motivation, constant confidence in me, and relentless push towards my goal have been nothing short of exceptional. The finish line is now in sight, and I owe this achievement to your unwavering support. I am committed to sharing this experience, spreading motivation, and helping others on their path to better health. Thank you so much for dedicating your time, knowledge, and genuine care toward transforming my life into a healthier, happier one. With sincere appreciation.

Mrs Gayathri Chicago, USA

It was an incredible journey and a great experience with Life Ezee. Gayathri was absolutely amazing in meticulously following up for every step in my health refining process. I reduced close to 7 kgs in 3 months and my energy level has increased progressively over the period of time. This is a life changing event in being conscious about eating habits and sleep patterns. Great experience over all.

Mrs Saritha Sridhar Chennai

Right set of people who understand us and our body. Keep the journey In a max possible smooth way. The menu provided can be followed by any ordinary person. Easy to cook. Matches our south Indian lifestyle. They make sure we follow all given instructions by constant follow up. When I say constant follow up I mean it. We can't escape. You want to lose weight in a healthier way pls go for them. Highly recommended.

Mr Arun Indonesia

The fitness program was superb and it made me to loss weight of almost 16 kgs which I was trying for 5 to 6 yrs. The objective of the programme is to lose weight in a healthy way. This approach was really attractive. Kudos to the team Mrs Gayatri and Mrs Mangai for the exceptional follow ups and concerns of my diet. People who know me can blindly select them for your fitness program. For others I will recommend them. Thanks for the excellent support and keep supporting people to enjoy a healthy lifestyle

Mrs Sangeetha Nigeria

I'm Sangeetha Suresh from Lagos, Nigeria. Simply words cannot describe my happiness after joining Lifeezi three months back to reduce my weight and BP issue. The extraordinary guidance and follow ups done by Gayathri madam is wonderful. In a time limit of three months I could shed almost 11 kgs of my extra weight which was a Herculean task for me earlier. With a homely diet and walking, it was made so easy for me to achieve this. Also I had too many digestion issues and migraine problems, which has been reduced to a great extent after this diet. My heartfelt thanks to Gayathri madam for her wonderful guidance to me in this regard.

Mrs Roja Bangalore

I joined LIFEEZI 3 months back. Before I joined I was unable walk and had so many health issues. After joining here slowly my health issues reduced and I reduced nearly 4 to 6 kgs.I reduced my weight from 97.3 to 92.8 which makes me more active to do my chores. Then on I started walking for more than 30 minutes, my acidity problem gone, got better sleep. I had a glow in my friends and family remarks. I sincerely thank Gayathri mam and Mangai mam for their support. Even when I say that I won't be able to continue Gayathri mam advised me to take some measures that show her kindness and her interest in her clients. I strongly recommend others to join for achieving their goals.

Mrs Vanitha Bangalore

I have tried so many ways to lose weight. But nothing worked out. I know Gayathri more than 15yrs, but I have Joined recently that is June 2023 in LIFEEZI. The diet plan which they provided is well suited for me. The team was very extremely supportive and more incorrigible when I am not able to follow. In this 3 months, I have I have lost almost 8kgs, in between I had more deviations like vacation, family function, office parties. I think if i follow without any deviation, I would have lost more weight. Because of my work load, I am discontinuing now but for sure in future I will rejoin again. After losing weight I feel so energetic and I got good appreciation from my family members. Thank you Mangai mam and Gayathri.

Mr Mariappan Ganesh USA

I heard about LIFEEZI and Gayathri from my wife and thought of trying it for a month for my medical issues with Rheumatoid Arthritis. As food lifestyle plays a major role in the United Kingdom's management for arthritis pain, it is very important that I take correct food. I am thrilled to share my exceptional experience. The moment I started working with Gayathri, I knew I was heading in the right direction. She took the time to listen to my specific goals, concerns and preferences, crafting a personalized nutrition plan that felt effective. She was always available to answer questions and provide guidance. I have not only achieved my initial health goals but also developed a confidence to maintain a balanced and nourishing lifestyle. I am excited to continue this journey towards optimal Health. If your are seeking a wellness coach who is genuinely invested in your success, I wholeheartedly recommend Mrs.Gayathri and LIFEEZI.

Satisfied Client From Nigeria

Can anyone believe if i say there is life after death. yes I experienced and I was astounded to realize myself in 2024 after a diet plan for 4 months with LIFEEZI experts. To define me I have experienced skin infection since 2019-2023 almost 5 years and I never thought I will overcome it. I tried visiting and consulting many doctors and almost everyone suggested the same medication because it has only one drug. Later, I thought there is no medication to cure unless and until it cures by itself. I joined with Gayatri Director of lifezi as I nearsighted my friend's lifestyle changing positively. Once I started the diet plan with madam gayatri within 20 days I started feeling a virtuous transformation in me and i'm infection free 100% percent now. Only with the help of Gayathri mam's appropriate diet prescribed by her and no medications things changed in my life. With this I am so content and pleased when people look at me and say that I have reduced. When I started this diet I was 87 kilo and then came down to 77 in 4 months. I have been an inspiration in and around my family and friend circles. As Lifeezi Dietitians and nutritionists advised me on nutrition issues and healthy eating habits I have a clear idea of heedful eating now. I have also reversed back my thyroid sugar and cholesterol levels. We have a predetermined thought in mind that diet means weight loss but actually it is not only about weight loss it's correspondingly about curing many diseases and inappropriate health issues and reversing many illnesses and ailments with proper management of food intake. I am so happy that I am a part of the team and also, I have faith that my good karma carries me here after a long self-fight. Lifeezi Dietitians and nutritionists are experts in the use of food and nutrition to promote health and manage disease. They strategically plan and design the chart for every individual bestowing to their health issues and illness and instruct them and monitor them properly and support people lead healthy lives. You can approach them if you agonize with any problems like digestive problems, or you have been diagnosed with a medical condition, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and any other. Good things will happen in our life only if our time is good. Those who grasp and read this message of mine take it as your good time and join with gayatri mam to revolutionize your life and be free from almost any species of health issues about 90%. What is LUCK? it's a point where ALERTNESS MEETS THE OPPORTUNITY. Opportunity is here and be alert to take it in the right way to transform and renovate your life. I am emphasizing and underlining here because I am completely free from my health problems and happy with my life now. So please address any sort of issues...have a chat with madam Gayatri and try the prescribed diet for at least 3 months. you will really sense the constructive health changes in you in an advantageous way. I have realized some people continue the diet plan with her for more than 8 months and a year as they don't want to come out of a healthy lifestyle. (L lifestyle changes brings me happiness - I immunity increased /infections cured - F Fibroids reduced - E Estrogen controlled - E Extended my life - Z Zip-locked mouth /zillion thanks to lifeezi experts - I Irritable bowel syndrome reduced)

Mr.R.Vaidyanathan Chennai

As a quadragenarian introvert with a hectic sedentary lifestyle, through the week, weekend meant trying food at different restaurants. With successive lock downs and remote working over the last few years the rhythm built over the last two decades did get disturbed; my body weight started to shoot up, I was starting to turn more cylindrical, with occasional knee pain. I happened to see the Lifeezi fliers and reached out to Ms.Gayathri,for a fitness regimen that would suit me. A systematic approach to baseline current physical health condition is what followed. The blood tests revealed the finer details ; Vitamin , Hemoglobin levels were below normal, lipid levels were out of sync , cholesterols were in the High Risk level. With my BMI heading towards obese , my goal was to lookout for a healthy approach , without the use of tablets / artificial supplements to control my vitamin and cholesterol levels. The next step of the journey was to go through an Observation phase where the details of the meal that I eat through the week and the typical activities I engage in were reviewed. So far so good.The initial meal plan reached my inbox , the spread was tailored to my palate, included juices and salads, the foodie in me was enjoying this ; the bigger challenge in my case was to regulate the sleep schedules and the walk routines.Meticulous followup helped improve the adherence to the plan , week on week.It was an interesting challenge trying to figure out the best vegetable chutney for the different dosa crepes.Additional Dietary restrictions were introduced at the end of the first month to trim down my carb / sugar intakes). As with any change / acceptance / loss ( giving up on sugar and oil at the same time, in my case, though for a temporary stint),I did temporarily feel like a lost cause when i was advised and monitored to avoid my favorite foods , nothing fried, cheesy or sweet . With zero oil I could not take in anything too spicy either. The eerie fear that some of these temporary adjustments may become permanent was haunting and pushed me to find the correct balance of tasty food and physical burnout. I did go through alternating phases of Denial, Anger( Hunger ), Despair before landing at Acceptance.Probably having gone through it now I realize the more acquainted we are psychologically to these , the better the outcome. Thankfully I had the support from Ms Gayathri in each instance ,whose knowledge and inputs steered me through this efficiently. An interim check was done on the key parameters at end of month two to bring in additional customisations to meal plan ,to spike up the good cholestrol levels , etc.With the daily walk plans and regulated diets, my blood components were found to be at the optimal prescribed levels towards the end of 12 weeks.The maintenance phase of 3 additional weeks was my training wheels period before returning back to Unsupervised living. It's three weeks since I have moved out of the program, now I am able to balance out the meal intake portions / walking routines to align to my daily caloric needs.Oprah could guide you with " Do what you have to do , until you can do what you want to do", If you are that someone who is clear on 'what you want to do' , but have issues with 'what you have to do',On any given day I would definitely recommend the LIFEEZI team for the fitness needs of any individual who is willing to 'Walk the Talk'.-

Mr Vignesh (18years)

Your unwavering support to bring down my uric acid and lipid profile levels and passion towards helping people create a healthy lifestyle has helped me transform myself. You have made it very easy for me to start my day at 5:30 am and stay active mentally as well as physically till 6-7 pm. From offering words of encouragement (to an 18 yr old college going student) to providing a well organised meal plan and exercise routine, it was a wonderful journey for 3 months with you. Thank you so much.

Sathya Chicago, USA

Hello I am Sathya from Chicago, USA! I want to write my story here if anybody wants to try out the fitness program. This is not PAID recommendation and true story of mine! I had severe GERD and ulcer issue. My body completely changed after my 2 years of infertility treatment. I ended up with lot of weight gain, irregular periods, (Heart burn, stomach pain, Allergic to Peanut, Mushroom, Sesame seeds) what not. I used to cry a lot by seeing me as a failure person and my body which is not at all in my control, and I could not eat anything what i like. I tried fasting many times but could not continue more than a day. I don't believe in any weight loss program and i never tried one before. I always trust that Losing weight in a healthier way is very important. Finally got to know about this LifeEzi fitness program from my friend and enrolled here without any expectation especially on weight loss. My only focus was coming out of this allergy and get back my healthier body. It's been 4 months journey though it was very very tough, but it is my life changer. I can't thank enough Gayathri who stays with me in this 4 months and constantly supporting me every day. She played very important role in regaining my confidence and losing weight in a healthier way. I reduced from 76KG to 61.5KG in 4 months. After 4 months I started eating all the items which I was allergic before. I used to get stomach pain and vomit/lose motion immediately if i eat any of this items. I stopped eating mushroom 2 years back. But I am surprised to see the result today. I ate mushroom two days continuously (OfCourse tried with minimum quantity) NO STOMACH PAIN OR VOMITTING. I cannot express my happiness to see the changes in my body. After 4 years I started getting my periods regularly. Trust me it's not easy to reach this stage by myself alone. Gayathri diet plan really helped me to understand my body. Now I know what to eat, how much to eat, how to manage if I deviate the meal. Maintaining the consistency is more important than losing a weight. Everybody obsessive on losing weight after weight loss we should maintain and the same healthy lifestyle through the life. Thank you, Gayathri! you are one of my reasons for this change what i am today. Most happy part my dress size changed from L to S which is unbelievable 4 months back

Mrs Vijaya (63 years) Chennai

I,a 63 yrs old woman was in a pensive and vexed mood at waging lost battle with 'my menopausal weightgain' some months ago. In November a Master Checkup revealed i had hyperthyroidism and was prediabetic. This added to my agony. Then I got introduced to Lifeezi by my cousin in December, which startedoff my journey with Ms.Gayatri. Under her guidance and motivation I list 8 kgs in a span if 2 months. My T3 and T4 levels subsided and prediabetic condition well under control. Now I'm confident enough to lead an healthylifestyle based on her tips. Thank you Gayathri for bringing back my self confidence.

Mr Manickam Coimbatore

I joined lifeezee after thorough scrutinization. All the nutritionist / weight loss program suggests taking supplements, but lifeezee is different. They are focused and believing on sustainable way and happy that it worked out for me verywell. When I started the program on dec2023, I was 90 kgs and suffered from severe back pain and tiredness and all throughout the day. Now I am 75.5 within 3 months. But I could not believe just an hour of walking daily and following the very simple diet chart makes my long time worry eradicated so soon. Their work does not stop just by providing recommendations, but stringent followup by Mangai mam, even sometimes if we forgot to follow or skipped a meal, mangai mam and Gayathri mam make sure that it is not repeating.. This program really proved to be effective and here i am now with full day energetic and no back pain now. Also my cholesterol level came to control. Thanks lifeezee for life changing experience and teaching a healthy lifestyle.. I strongly recommend this to everyone.. Fun fact is now my all old suits are fitting, which is purchased before marriage 6 years back.

Mrs Sujitha Coimbatore

Before joining lifeezi I was 84 kgs and had thyroid problem. After 3 months of life with lifeezi, my lifestyle turned upside down. After 3rd month my thyroid level went down and weight reduced to 73 kgs. Mangai mam and Gayathri mam will ensure that I walk 6kms daily and follow diet strictly. I am confident to follow this new life style throughout. Thanks lifeezi team.

Mrs Barathi Chennai

Lifeeezie made me lead a health conscious life in an easy way. I was inspired by the stories of many who were benefitted by the guidance of Gayathri mam, which was shared by Mangai, my good friend. Little did i believe her when she told me to take up this diet program. Bcos i never believed in me. I was 85 kg when i started this diet program in December 2023. Now after 3 months I have lost 10 kg. Also my Hba1c was 6.7 which became 6.2 in 2 months. Only by following the diet and exercise plans of Gayathri mam. That too I deviated from the plan on many days. But I had two diet police behind me to bring me on track. Now when i wear the many blouses which had become very small for me in the past years, my happiness has no bounds. My doctor reduced my medicines to control sugar levels from 2times to one time only. Also i understood the power of walking. Now i really enjoy walking and so many distant places have become nearby for a walk. Also I realised the importance of eating and sleeping at the right time. I have learnt that we ladies deserve that me time to take care of our health. After all being healthy is the best gift we can give ourselves and our dear ones. Due to my personal commitments i am not able to continue. I shall come back to continue with more dedication. Thank you so much Gayathri mam.


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